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How to Become More Effective
in the Workplace

Leadership is a reciprocal process, a relationship rather than a set of individual characteristics.

Like all workplaces, yours has a complex set of relationships that often remains hidden from view, yet can be highly disruptive during times of change, as people get upset, begin to make mistakes, gossip, come in late, or lose creativity and positive energy. This book will help you transcend more traditional leadership approaches through applying SYSTEMS-BASED LEADERSHIP® ideas to your own workplace challenges. After reading the book, you will be able to see some of the automatic behaviors that raise anxiety and make employees less productive. The Systems-Based Leadership lens will also provide you with a new way of observing your own automatic behaviors at work and will teach you how to chart a different course that is calmer and more effective.


Leading a Business in Anxious Times introduces ideas from Systems-Based Leadership to business and organizational leaders, and demonstrates through true stories how these ideas have been helpful to numerous leaders in a variety of large and small work settings. It will offer you tools for responding to change more effectively. What would happen to your organization if you were able to adapt more quickly and effectively than your competition?